Komal Dixit: The Girl Behind ClassyWomen — An Inspiration to Youth

What’s your idea of a perfect future?

What do you do all day swapping from Instagram and YouTube?

Most of us have been asked such questions every then and now. We all at once thought of having a social media empire and building a strong community.

It seems like a dream for many but a girl from Haryana has achieved this, that too in an age where most millennials complain about lack of resources and time.

We are talking about Komal Dixit, a 22-year girl who has taken over social media and is creating useful and inspiring content on Instagram and YouTube. She holds to motivate a classy community of over six lakh women, alongside, also pushes many students of all corners to achieve success.

All of her posts, stories leave a remarkable effect on the audience with the impression to do something better in life.

Studies and social media

Komal started digital marketing six years ago, as a fresher with no knowledge and basics. But she always accepted her liabilities and tried to overcome them. Consistency and regularity were my two rules- says Komal. She was regular in learning and accepted her mistakes, learned from them, and never repeated them in the future. She asked questions whenever in doubt and always remained a student who wants to always gain from all aspects. There were hard times in her life too when she had to manage her studies and social media. She would feel uneasy but she was stubborn and dedicated in every field.

The real journey

Komal always wanted to give back to society the values and discipline she learned from her parents. Being fearless, friendly, and helping the needy. With this, she started @classywomenn in 2017 which became popular among girls in no time. Empowering women, talking about the real problems and giving advice are major pillars of this page. Despite thousands of messages, Komal used to answer everyone and she even made a page dedicated to helping women with individual attention, @cw.messages where she and her team gave apt help and supported women when needed.

Komal Dixit is also helping female freelancers in starting their freelancing journey with her new initiative classy.academy on Instagram. She says she loves to help young hustlers. She is giving free freelancing consultancy on her other account @cw.mesaages.

Supporting students

Komal also started @thestudymotivation, and as the name suggests this page talks about motivating students to organize their life in a better way. It provides a daily dose of quotes and tips for students. Moreover here also students interact with her through her live sessions and polls. Komal and her team also started YouTube channels of both Instagram pages, where every video is a masterpiece in itself, concerned with surveys and opinion polls of true audience. This is the best way to serve a community.

Not only this, this chemistry student understands the importance of art and writing, thus she also promotes talented writers by publishing there content on classywomen.in

She promotes other useful Instagram pages and services too, which have benefited her audience. People like her promote good content, healthy relationship, and positive vibes on social media.

It’s easy to troll others and get famous, but people like Komal who support others last longer, and the audience love honest advice over hate speeches, facts over fake Instagrammers.

That’s why her pages are getting popular day by day, so is the brand value and engagements.

For any queries for enrollments, you can contact her own handle @classy.komal

If you want to be motivated every day, follow @thestudymotivation and @classywomenn for related issues.

Listen to Komal Dixit Interview on My Podcast — The Inu Etc Show!



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