Why Did I Leave Schooling? What Should You Do? [If You Want To Leave Schooling]

Because I think the Indian education system is a fuck**g piece of shit.

Why I Left School at 15 - YouTube Video by Inu Etc

According to me, the Indian education system is not for future entrepreneurs. It’s harmful to entrepreneurs.

Here is a quote from my favorite mentor, my inspiration Gary Vaynerchuk

Instagram post by Gary Vaynerchuk

I left schooling to think out of the box, to learn more about business, entrepreneurship, life, etc.

Traditional schooling is just a simple way to learn something in the limit. But there are more limitless ways to learn important things that help you to grow in your life.

Now it’s very easy to learn everything using the internet. It’s 2019 and you have every learning resources available for free.

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I don’t need a degree, grades or certificates. I just want some useful practical skills. That’s why I left schooling.

If you want to leave schooling, then at first choose your dream carefully.


Read blogs, choose a mentor, watch videos.


Start a side hustle, keep learning, practicing and keep exploring.

Keep working on yourself. Gain some useful skills to pursue your dream.

Follow your passion and ability.

Don’t be a job seeker, be a job giver.

India wants job givers, India needs entrepreneurs. India wants to change.

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Stay positive.

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